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How do i tell a girl i like her without looking like an idiot? Answered



well i try to be as romantic as i can possibly be but it seems like no one likes me for that they only care about looks which pisses me the fudge off.

Go with AngryRedhead's answer- apparently she is a girl and would know what works best!

Just give her a compliment like, "Hey, you're awesome (or whatever is most appropriate)!  We should hang out sometime.  There's a roller derby game (or whatever) this weekend.  Wanna check it out?"

Compliment + Interest in hanging out + Possible event to attend = Score

You don't have to say "I like you" because it's understood or written into the compliment and wanting to hang out.

Sounds good to me. (As in, it would work on me if the roles were reversed.)

Sometime when you're alone with her, ask her out.  If she says yes then great.  If she says no, that's not making you look like an idiot so you an still be friends.  If she laughs at you the SHE's the idiot and is too immature for you anyway.

Ya, if someone laughs, that's an bad sign of who that person really is.  Nice people wouldn't laugh.  Awkward people might, but it's easy to tell if someone is awkward or just mean.

8 years ago

I learned long ago, when it comes to affairs of the heart, seek the advice of a lady whenever possible.  AngryReadhead's suggestion below is perfect.

Well, you could try giving her something. But in practical terms, there really is no way to avoid looking like an idiot, so you might as well relax and enjoy it.

Totally true.  There's no insurance on not looking/feeling like an idiot when it comes to romance.