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How do i wire condenser mics in stereo to plug into my computer? Answered


I was struggling with the same question... and mine turned out to be a little different than your condenser mic...  Here it is...


I decided to take one apart and see.  There is a diode wired across the mic element, probably there for clamping large signals.  Assuming the side of the mic element connected to its metal can is (-)...

The tip and middle ring of the stereo headphone plug are wired to the (+) side of the mic element, and to the cathode, (-) side, of the diode.

The back ring, the wide one, of the stereo headphone plug, is wired to the (-) side of the mic element, and to the anode, (+) side, of the diode.

See picture:


Assuming these are self-powered mics (rather than requiring phantom power), you plug them in the same way you would plug any two mics into a stereo mic input jack -- make sure they're in phase, wire one side of both mics together to the sleeve connection, wire the other side of one mic to ring and the other side of the other mic to tip.

Or just wire them individually as mono tip/sleeve, and plug them into a 2:1 mono-to-stereo adapter which combines the wiring so you can plug it into that stereo input jack.