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How do i wire up a brand new 2.5hp treadmill motor & speed controller ? Answered

Hello there and greetings,

I've just bought from ebay, a brand new replacement motor and shiny new speed controller for a treadmill.

The motor is a PM DC cont. duty, 2.5hp @ 230VDC, 9.5Amps.  It has 4 wires coming out of it, Red, Black (connected to the brushes on the motor), and two blue&white wires which are connected together using spade connectors.

The speed controller board is fiited inside an aluminium heat sink case.  It has 7 male spade connectors protruding and they are labelled:

LG1: Blue..........(AC1)
LG2: White........(AC2)
LG3: ..................(Earth Ground)


LG6: Red..........(A+)
LG7: Black........(A-)

I'm afraid i don't possess the know-how although i'm quite handy and have some faded kowledge of electrics and electronics but i'm afraid im not too sure how to hook it up. Also could someone tell me what kind of power supply i need for this setup.

Much appreciated and many thanks in advance.


LG1 and LG2 are the AC inputs  don't know the voltage.
Earth ground is the green wire on a ground power cord.

LG6 motor pos. (Probably the red wire)
LG7 motor neg.  (Probably black wire)

Choke - no idea.

But even if you get it all hooked up right it's not going to work.  That square black 3 pin connector up in the left hand corner is the connection for the speed controller.  Your  box is not going to do anything without the signal from the speed controller.  Do you have it on the treadmill?

You need to try to get more info from the ebay seller. 

Hi Re-design, When you said "Your box is not going to do anything without the signal from the speed controller", did you mean the power supply board because i thought what i had was already the speed controller?? i guess the choke is optional, (ac or dc filter)??

YOu have the speed controller. But there should be a way to control the speed. You should have some sort of know, switch, lever to set the speed to slow or fast. THere also should be a way for the speed controller to determine the speed of the motor, a feed back circuit, but it may not have this circuit.

The control board HWL wires go to a potentiometers of about 10K. The W wire goes to the wiper, center, of the pot. The other two go to the pot ends, doesn't matter which way. the + and - terms go to the motor. Red+, black-. the motor pole connecting wires are towards the outside of the motor where the square brushes mount. the two wires towards the center is the temperature overload. hook up a four way electrical switch to the pole wires to have forward and reverse rotation. use a heavy duty pot of better quality construction. I hook up a twist grip for speed regulation. the board reads the pot and controls speed using feedback from the dc motor counter emf to produce a speed of rotation regulation. somewhat effective.

Ah, how silly of me, i know what you mean now....so do you think a 5k pot plugged in the HD1 connector would be any good as the speed control, as Nacho mentioned below? Thanks again.

> That square black 3 pin connector up in the left hand corner
.  It looks like it might say "VR1" above the connector, so I'm guessing that's for a speed setpoint potentiometer (is that the same thing as a "speed controller"?).
.  I don't see a feedback circuit, so it's possible that it's for a speed sensor.
.  See if there is a voltage rating on the MOVs. That might give you some idea of what the supply voltage should be. Maybe not.

hey Nacho, thanks for the reply. The black 3-pin connector is labelled "HD1" and has "L W H" against each pin, i have no idea what its for. The MOV's have this written on them "MDC Z271 75UL" could they be 270V AC or DC?? The two large caps, are 250V rated

> L W H
.  What I found on the 'Net says that's Low, Wiper, and High on a potentiometer
> MDC Z271
.  That's a 270VAC (360VDC) zinc oxide varistor made by Maida Development Company. What that tells you about the supply voltage, I'm not sure; maybe nothing. If it had been something like 200VAC, we would know that 220 isn't right. Maybe it will be a clue for others.

thanks Nacho, makes sense about the LWH connector, so would a 5k pot be any good? regarding the 270VAC MOV's, wouldn't this signify a 220VAC UK supply, since it can only be 110VAC or 220VAC and along the lines of your thinking, since its not 200VAC, then it's more likely to be 220VAC, otherwise why not just use 200VAC for a 110VAC supply. What the hell did i just write??

> would a 5k pot be any good?
.  I have no idea. :(
.  If you hold a gun to my head, I'll guess 100k-1M. Probably linear taper.

> regarding the 270VAC MOV's, wouldn't this ... why not just use 200VAC for a 110VAC supply.
.  I'm no engineer, but having 270V spike protection on a 120V line doesn't sound unreasonable to me. But then again, it sounds even more reasonable for 220V. <shrug>
.  You need a schematic. That would probably tell you what the choke terminals are for, also.

As Re-Des says, but choke ? What does the manual say ? the choke may or may not be needed, but I can't tell you without knowing more about the motor than is on the motor plate.

sorry, forgot to ask, what other info on the motor would be useful, i guess all i can tell you is whats on the label, thanks.

Jack, hunt around for more stuff on this "Icon " business . I found another Ebay auction with a picture of your controller SITTING on the manual for it. There are some references on "Allcircuits" to people trying to fix them.

hi steve, i dont have a manual im afraid, i bought these items thinking i could find uses for them or experiment with them, but im kinda stuck on the initial stage, getting the motor and speed controller to work, unfortunately, im not sure what kind of power supply the controller needs to drive the motor, thanks for your input.