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How do i work on 2 instructables at once? It wont let me start another instructable when i am already working on one. Answered


If you are looking for a way to have more than one "unpublished" instructable going (essentially "working on 2 at once"), you simply begin one instructable, then save it and leave the editing page. Then click on the yellow "submit" tab (upper right of website) to begin another one and then save it after completing some information, and again leave the editing page.

Then to reopen either instructable, go to your profile page, click on the instructables tab, then look for the submenu text link that says "unpublished". When you click on this link, you'll open all your unpublished instructables. Click on the "edit" text for either instructable and reopen it to make changes. When you want to work on the other instructable, just save the one you're on and leave the editing page, go back to the "unpublished" instructable list, and open the other.

I hope that makes sense. If you need more help, just ask. :)


6 years ago

I don't think you can have more than one OPEN at the same time but you can have multiple ones in progress. Just save one and open the other. You can switch back and forth between them but you can't have them each open in separate tabs, as far as I know of at least.

I figured that right after I posted the question to you, so I wrote out the whole process in a new answer. You'll see it below. :)

I started and saved one draft for an instructable and now want to start another one; however, I don't see this "yellow submit tab" on the upper right of the website. Thoughts?

I don't understand why there isn't a button in the "Unpublished" section to allow one to quickly start another instructable draft.

The website has changed since I last posted my answer here. Now, to start a new instructable, you have to click on "Create" (located on the menu bar). So, if you already have one instructable started and saved, just click on the "Create" menu choice and select the type of new instructable you want to make ("step-by-step", "photo only" or "video only"). Then proceed as before with the new instructable (and make sure you save it) before exiting the page. To view (and continue working on either instructable), go to your profile page (by clicking on "You"), then click on the "Instructables" tab. You should now see (2) for "Unpublished". Click on the text link (for Unpublished) and you'll see the names of the 2 instructables you started. Click on either one to open.

I've not had a problem - most of us have several "unfinished" projects !!!!