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How do i write a technological paper? good Answered

i am in middle school and i am writing a magazine. part of it is a technology part and how to make some good stuff. i need some HELP PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!!!1




Best Answer 9 years ago

Right, lemonie, because caps indicate YELLING, like that. I just yelled in text. How to write a technological paper...that is going to vary by the age/ability level of the writer. If you are making your own magazine, then you get to decide what you want your technology segments to look like. That is what is so freakin' awesome about making your own magazine. Whether it is your own magazine or somebody else's, I suggest taking a look at popular tech. magazines currently in existence, like Wired, and even maybe some of the articles here on instructables. Looking at other people's work to help you create your own is always a good idea, but you have to make sure you are only using the other work as a Model for your own. You do not want to be a plagiarist. Whenever you use the work of someone else, you need to give credit to the original author, or the original source, if there is no listed author. You should always enclose the actual words of others in quotation marks, like this: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" (Kennedy, John F.). Anything you write needs to have a clearly laid-out purpose, and needs to be very clear, and well organized. Tech papers often benefit from illustrations of some kind, though we would need more information from you about your particular task in order to give you any specific advice about that. So, find a model, don't plagiarize, and make sure you have a clear purpose, keep it well organized, and make all sentences as clear as you possibly can.

There are somewhat more tactful uses of caps - when something is of more importance you can capitalize it - Stop signs would look stupid in lower case, or 'Standard' case. STOP! makes sense. When you're talking 'to' someone, 'HELP PEOPLES!!!!!!' indicates yelling, NOT emphasis. (see what I did there?)\ All bickering aside - you have some good tips there for technical writing...

This is nit picking, but I have to disagree about all caps. Unless you are citing a stop sign, like, "The sign said, 'STOP'" there's no call to write it like that. You'd say, "I came to a stop sign." I find that most people's reactions to all caps, even if it is just on one word for emphasis, is that the word got louder, like someone shouted for emphasis. So, peoples can do what peoples want, but I still say all caps in emails indicates shouting. Non e-communication is different, though. And, I mean, we probably won't agree about this. Which isn't a major problem, I think.

really, the sign IS (hehe) pretty much yelling at the drivers... ;-)


7 years ago

Yes, I know it is now 2011, but I've only just seen your question. I've had to write a few such papers for my degrees and career. There are very good points in the previous answers, especially rebecklers, but I would add this: use correct grammar and spelling (he said, checking both carefully in his reply). Your question should have looked like this:
"[I] am in middle school and [I] am writing a magazine. [There] is a technology part [that includes] how to make some good [projects]. [I] need some [help people, please!]"
Note the capitalisation of pronouns and any word after a fullstop, the singular version of "people" ("peoples" refers to distinct groups of "people"), and the lack of the aforementioned SHOUTING!!!!!!! "Stuff" is a bit vague - check a thesaurus for alternatives - like "projects".
As I've often told my son: "If you want people to think you're [not "your"!] intelligent, you need to speak [and write] as though you are".
I hope your paper got you a good mark!

Can you give us your brief? It's not completely clear to me what your assignment is, you'll get a better answer if you tell us what you've been asked to produce in detail. (free tip : don't use CAPS or ! in the paper) L