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How do it change a battery appliance to run off a wall plug when it has no built-in power pack outlet? Answered

I have an alarm clock that runs on two AA batteries (I'm not fond of radio plug-ins they buzz too much). So that I can sleep easy and not worry about the batteries dyeing in the night, how can I hook it up to a 240v ac/dc power pack and what size pack would I need? (I have access to heaps of p.packs but I have v. little electronics experience. I have the idea but not the know-how!) thanks for the help


err 2AA so 3VDC. If you look around you may have some power packs that transform from 240 to 12v or 9v. From there i think you could use resistors or voltage regulators. Take a search on this site for DC Power supplies and such.
This is one i just skimmed through now Small DC Power Supply.

Tell me if it helps :)

Thanks pyroten, I will get a friend to help me... electrician not electronics person... we'll see how we go. I followed the first two sentences then I understood all the words except "resistors and voltage regulators" (for their electronics meaning!) thanks again,

Your welcome :)
  • Resistor - Restricts flow of electric current check this out (that sites really helpful)
  • Voltage Regulator - Err, i'm not sure how to explain it. It's just mainly a component, the regulates voltage... lol... i'm not to sure how to explain it.
But your welcome anyway

Thanks kelseymh, I actually did find this one... as I said to pyroten... i'll get some help!! Thanks.

Good luck! It's not really a difficult project. A local good electronics shop should be able to provide you with the wall-wart (transformer) and corresponding jack to wire into your clock.