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How do people make cartoons smooth? Answered

Hi, I am wondering how people make animations that are smooth, because in the stop motion animation, things always come out choppy for me.  Do you have to take an amazing amount of photos, than speed the play back time up, or do people use a program that fills in the gaps?  THIS IS WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO DO.(CLICK THIS)  

The video is just passed the little intro.  Any help and info would be great! :D  Thanks in advance.



Best Answer 6 years ago

The background (yellow ruled paper) remains fixed. THe drawings are on clear acetate. There are pins at the top of the page so you can move the page and replace it in exactly the same position. THat way you can trace over the last sheet to create the new sheet then remove the last sheet and the next sheet can be replaced in exactly the same location. Also shoot two frames of each cell.

Thank you so much! I'm going to try this in a little while! :D Going to combine what you said with Kiteman's suggestions! :D

What frame-rate are you using?


Yeah, up your frame-rate.
It might take you twice as long or more, but it will be smoother.



6 years ago


Check out Anti Trend's answer for animation freeware

Can't watch the video ("not available outside United States"), but with any animation the two secrets to smooth movement are:
  • High frame-rate
  • Small differences between images.
That means more images per second (standard 35mm movie projectors run at 24 frames per second), and smaller differences between consecutive images.

So, yes, I'm afraid you do need to draw more pictures.

Happily there are programs like Photoshop that let you copy and paste images so you don't have to redraw each frame completely... just the part that changes. If you look closely at your clip you will see that there are a lot of repeats... so it looks like the moves may be mostly cut and pastes also.