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How do spirit pourers work? Answered

You know, the ones that bars and restaurants have in the tops of bottles of spirits. Can anyone show a diagram?



I think he's referring to the kind with a sphere on top, that automatically vend x amount (usually 1 fluid oz) then stop for a short time, then start pouring again. I have one, but don't know the name of it, and can't find it anywhere. I assume it has a float inside, when inverted, the float blocks the output, and the sphere fills. When the sphere is almost full, a mechanism allows the float to close the sphere to the spigot (in the bottle), and open the sphere to the spout. Once empty, it starts over. Kind of like an automatic toilet flush, but gravity fed.

patent number 3321113

Thank you, needed the right name to find the pic : )

Little tube lets air into the bottle, big tube lets liquid out of the bottle. Usually the little tube is hidden in the big tube on the outside, but is exposed inside the bottle.