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How do the internal elements of a 28-80 mm lens differ from a 28-200 mm lens? Answered

I'm trying to follow an I'ble posted by Patholio (fisheye lens, https://www.instructables.com/id/cheap-fisheye-lens/).
He used an element of a 28-200 mm lens. I have disassembled a 28-80 lens, but the results are less spectacular even though the focal length at the low range (28mm) is the same. I can imagine that the elements of both lenses differ, hence the difference. Is this the explanation?


Yes, the radius of curvature of the lenses is the key to the depth of your fish-eye effect.


So the radius of the element that causes the fish-eye effect in a 28-80 lens would be larger than the radius in a 28-200 lens?

Reminds me of a joke of an old teacher who said: water boils at 100 degrees (C) and not 90, because thats a straight angle.


8 years ago

I disassembled a 100-300 mm zoom lens, and no fish-eye component came out...