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How do we build a Manual water pump Answered

Our kids and  I want to build a water pump, for a water science project / play exercise.
i want to provide them with lots of pipes and things to build water "contraption "
We need a manual  / foot pump - ....How do we build a water pump and with what items do we need?
We have access to a certain amount of junk, but happy to by new items and have access (shops) to almost anything that would be needed.
I do not want to use electrficity , batteries or compressed air to drive the pump - but foot power....Any idea's thx
Irfaan in Riyadh and Cape Town


try browsing @ tv.links and look for EMAS pump

Build an Archimedes screw.  You could make if foot powered by hooking it to a bicycle but I'd just put a hand crank on it and us it that way.

Make it using an 8" pvc drain pipe and 2" clear tubing and they can see how it works by trapping the water and bringing it up.



8 years ago

You can buy one of these Jiggler Pumps or build one your-self. 
It's mostly used to start a gravity-feed but the jiggling should entertain the kids. 

These are available at most hardware stores and boat part shops. I'm talking about Cape Town (my home) not Riyadh, I don't know about Riyadh.

Jiggler 1 Final.jpgJiggler 0.jpg

get a plunger, and valves

saw off the handle of the plunger, install valves

when you press down, one valve will open, when you let go, the first one will close and the second one will open

rinse and repeat