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How do we make a good popsicle stick bridge for 8th grade science class? We need the bridge to be able to hold weight Answered


Glue them together in a row about 5 side by side.  Where they meet,triangulate the sticks beneath the joint.  Continue by adding more sticks.  Also use epoxy, its less brittle, and clamp all your glue joints!!!!!!!!   If you take your time you should have no problem supporting 200 -300 lbs.  I was in school and we did a similar project using 1/4 foam core.   Like I said "Triangulation"   Refer to the eifile tower constructions, look at the triangles!!!!!!!!!
     Good luck

I agree with kiteman on this one but since I know myself back then I also would just search for it on the internet. It's also a smart thing to do just not the smart thing your teachers want you to do ;)

But hey like I said,, it's not my problem :) Check the two 'ibles in the releated column "bridge building designs" by abdusting and "popsicle stick bridge" by drinkmorecoffee.

Just make sure you understand the principle behind it otherwise your teacher is going to know you didn't think of it yourself.

As kiteman said consider your materials, it's easy to bust a popsicle stick by bending it flatways, vertically it's strong and it's good under tension.

Other wise look at ways to make things strong, bridges etc. There's a certain shape you're after that's excellent for strength, one less than square.

With some thought that should be enough to make a great bridge.

Are you LEADING a class in doing it, or trying to help someone else ? 

The purpose of the project is for you to learn by doing it. When they're all built you test 'em and see which is best - that is how your question is answered. And your question is pretty much what the project is anyway.


Pardon me for pointing out the obvious, but isn't the point of the task that you should be designing it for yourself?

Consider the strengths of the sticks (tension?  compression?), and design a bridge to exploit those properties.

Start here, then go from their with your ideas and designs.