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How do you Iron Clothes? Answered

The one thing I didn't bother to learn from mom when I moved out and now I need to iron my wrinkled slacks and a cotton button up shirt for an interview.


I was considering doing an 'ible on this, guess I will at some point soon. Easiest way for the slacks: Lay a leg out on the ironing board and smooth it out length ways, fold at the seams or if they have creases fold them carefully along the creases, then smooth again with your hands, iron smooth. For the creases go along a bit slower and use lots of steam. If the materials thin you wont have to flip the leg over to do the back. If they're a synthetic that goes shiny when ironed directly but a bedsheet over the trousers between them and the iron. The shirt is dead simple, start with the back, lay it out over the ironing board kind of like the board was your back, smooth with hands iron smooth. For the sleeves lay them out either flat folding at the seams or if it has creases along them, same as the trousers, take care to make sure they're smoothed out underneath or you'll iron in creases. If you don't have an ironing board use the kitchen table and lay a big towel down on it.

Thanks for the advice and the speedy reply. You definitely helped me look a little more respectable the next day. My biggest issue was how to Iron without the board since I've been moving around a lot I didn't bother to buy one. Laying a towel on my desk worked great.

Good stuff, glad it helped a bit, I still have no ironing board, I just throw everything up on hangers and hang it above the bath while I'm having one to smooth them out because I lack an iron...