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How do you add a headphone jack to a speaker? Answered

I want to take a speaker from a toy that has a speaker, and add a headphone jack to it so I can play my Zune on it for portable use.


Pretty simple...get the jack...strip the wires...solder them respectively...BAM!

I was wondering, I have an old radio that I to use with my ipod. Is there a jack that reroutes the signal to the external speakers until there are headphones plugged in? Afterwards, all the sound goes to the headphones and not the external speakers?

I suggest you don't connect it straight since all Mp3s have kinda small output so you should build some small amplifier, like cmoy or similar (yeah I know that cmoy is for headphones but it works with small speakers)

Yeah, I was thinking that an amp (which is extra complexity added) would be needed for this too, but am unable to get specs on it.

Doesn't mean it will work, if the speakers are not the proper impedance. ;-)