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How do you add glass to doors? AND where do you get it for cheap? Answered

I have a standard bookcase that holds our DVD's, but I think it is an eye sore. I plan to add doors to the bookcase with frosted glass in each door to hide the dvd's. I saw another tutorial on how to add the doors, so I think I undestand how to do that. What I am not sure about is how to insert the glass into the doors we make? Also, are there any places to buy glass for cheap? I even considered getting those behind-the-door mirrors and frosting them, but I dont think it will look as good as if I used a real strip of glass. Any suggestions for finding the glass to how to install it is greatly appreciated!


Ultimate cheap, of course, would be to put out the word (via Freecycle or any other mechanism you can think of) that if anyone is discarding old windows you'd be interested in rescuing the glass. You might get it for the cost of picking it up.

You might also want to try contacting home renovation companies. They usually have to pay by the pound to discard construction trash; they might be willing to let you know when they're replacing old windows for someone and let you make off with one or two. Or they might not, but it can't hurt to ask.

There is almost certainly a store in your area which sells all sorts of glass and mirrors -- for window repair, for furniture construction, and so on. Hit the phone book. They're generally reasonably priced, even if you have them cut it to size and polish the edges for safer handling.

(Mine is just around the corner.)

Home centers may also sell glass, but then you'll have to learn to cut it yourself. This isn't difficult, but is a bit scary the first time you try it.

More expensive alternative: use plastic, and if necessary use sandpaper to give it a frosted surface.

I have only been able to find auto glass stores so far, but I live in a small town. I will try the next town over for a glass shop. Thanks for the suggestions!

If you've got a carpenter or handyman type in the area, ask them where _they_ get cut-to-size glass or mirrors, perhaps explaining why you want it. Some tradesmen are defensive about their suppliers, and some suppliers don't do retail sales... but odds are that they'll point you in the right direction. At worst, they'll probably offer to order for you.


7 years ago

The way most glass is mounted in cabinet doors and other inside applications is with a recessed notch in the back of the wood frame. In other words you cut a small, perhaps 1/4 inch in from the edge, piece out of the frame to accommodate the glass. It has to be deeper than the glass is thick. Often its cut with a router if the door has already been assembled or if you haven't put it together yet it can be cut with a table saw. The glass is held in place with little metal pieces called points. The ones I have used are diamond shaped and they press into the wood with half of it extending out to hold the glass in place. There is a little tool you can get that will automatically push them into place, I believe its called a point setter. But if you are only doing a few you can use needle nose pliers and push them in.

Thank you! This is VERY helpful. I am also thinking about using tin roofing as an inset in another project and I think your method sounds like it will work for that too. Thanks again.