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How do you apply power to an arduino without having it connected to your computer? Answered



Best option: As steveastrouk said.

Another option: Get an USB cable, cut it and supply +5VDC on the red (+) and black (-) wire you will find to the USB-B side. Of course do _NOT_ supply any voltage to the PC. The voltage has to be regulated.

Disclaimer: You do it on your own risk. I do not own any Arduino, nor ever tried what I told. (But it should work)

WHICH Arduino ????

Some have a power jack, some you can inject it in via the shield connectors.

Look it up.


The model is important. When I think of an unqualified Arduino, I think of a Duemilanove. Per the Arduino site (http://arduino.cc/en/Main/arduinoBoardDuemilanove), on a Duemilanove you can supply power through the power jack (2.1mm center-positive plug/jack) or through the GND and VIN pin, preferably with a 7-12 volt power supply. As Steve said, however, it really depends on which specific model you have.