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How do you approach local instructables members? Answered

Is there a way to know who is an instructables fan in a certain location? I would like to get together for local projects based on instructables.com. I'm based in Amsterdam and would like to invite other Amsterdam based instructables members.


*is currently sitting outside sunbanks's house* The best way is to just walk up to their door, and break it in!

They prolly had complaints from female members getting stalked by guys. It would have to be an opt in thing so you didn't get blindsided by people showing up at your door.

One could open a "group" with the name of the location, state, province, country or whatever of interest.....but then again, it might go even more un-noticed then just a forum topic

I didn't see this until now. Hmmm could have used these suggestions. But okay for the next time. We're opening a new Instructables Restaurant next Saturday.


8 years ago

With armour and a long stick, oh wait, wrong "approach" :-(

You see your page where it says Amshterdam? you could click on that location, but the feature has been removed / disabled.
Posting something will only work if people are looking, but you could have a random-stab at something entitled "Eindhoven de Gekste!!" and see what happens. I wouldn't be too hopeful, but you're looking in topics so maybe...


There is a map of Instructablers' locations - you could use that to find out who is local to you.

Otherwise, as Nacho says, posting a topic is your best bet.

Are you planning an event, or looking for help with a project/

.  Posting this topic is a pretty good start. You may want to edit your original message to ask other interested Iblers in your area to PM you. If you get a good response, you can start a group (here's an example of a group) and make plans for your projects and get-togethers.
.  Sounds like a great idea - good luck.