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How do you attach a file to an instructable? Answered

I am working on a new instructable that you can print out something from microsoft word and use it in your project, yet I cannot find where to attach the file on the instructable...



Best Answer 5 years ago

Treat the file just like an "image." Upload the file to your Image Library, then add it from your Image Library to the appropriate step of your I'ble. If the file has a suffix which the I'bles Webserver can recognize (like ".doc"), it will be downloaded by the end user correctly.

I tried this, and it says download complete, but then I look for it in my image library and cannot find it back. Is Microsoft Word 2010 not supported by instructables.com or something? It won't work when I try to upload it into the instructable either. It just gets frozen. Any suggestions?

Hmmm. That's weird. Other people, including myself, have done this successfully. It's possible that something has changed on the I'bles side, either deliberately or otherwise. Would you mind creating a bug report (create a forum topic in Help:Bugs)? Be sure to include these details, along with your operating system and what browser you're using.