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How do you backup windows mobile 6 operating system to a laptop With free programs? Answered

I have a pocket pc with windows mobile 6 installed, I am wanting to try Linux on it so I will need to backup the operating system for if I want it back, if you know any way to of backing up the os on it it would be mitch appriciated.


Currently, there is no safe way to do this. The problem with Windows Mobile is that while the OS is technically Windows, it is modified for distribution by the major cellular carriers prior to manufacture. Because they do not want people hacking their software (and ultimately stumbling on ways to get free wireless web and such) the phones are locked down in all sorts of creative ways that prevent access to the backup files on memory. While there are methods available from others who have successfully hacked software updates by the manufacturers, there is no guarantee of their safety. If you brick your phone, you're screwed - no one will ever grant you a warranty exchange for this. Believe me, I would love to update my OS. I have the original Moto Q from Sprint with WM5, and shortly after its release WM6 came out. However, Sprint decided that since the Q9 was ready for release with WM6 that the old Q owners would just have to suck it. I strongly recommend you just stay happy with what you have. Unlike a computer where you can pop in a DVD and reinstall an OS, cell carriers have made the process far more difficult.

um... you would probably have to clone the hard drive what system is widows mobile running on? PC, laptop, cellphone?

yes it has a dock that has a usb and power cable, it also has IR and bluetooth