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How do you become pro without paying money? Answered

I don't know how to become pro without WASTING money.




Best Answer 9 years ago

If you think turning pro is a waste of money, don't do it.

If this is supposed to be some sort of subtle protest against the pro accounts, then you've picked the wrong forum.

what is the point of going pro anyway?  Right now I think of it as a useless "rank".

There are feature-based benefits, such as more formatting options, PDF downloads, all-steps, patches and a pro-only forum.

The main benefit, though, at least for those of us who went pro first, is the knowledge that we are helping a website that holds a unique and special place in both the internet and our lives.

(What other website owner sends out 1100 Hallowe'en cards to its active members?)

hey i would join the protest

"Pro" what? Please specify what you're talking about when asking a question. What the heck is wrong with some of you people?

LOL omg. Now I feel quite stupid. I haven't been to the site in a bit ( like 2 weeks ) and I didn't realize they had started this up. Sorry.

what exactly is pro user? what are the features gained?

All i know is you can send DIY patches to people

If you feel that going pro is a waste of money, this site, and what it stands for is not for you.

What do you get form being pro????


9 years ago

pros def. worth it. but i just cant afford it. i mean i did just buy myself a bass :) (smiles smuggly to self while playing numb by linkin park)

Don't do it then, spend your money wisely instead. L

Steal your friends paypal
*Just kidding* seriously its really cheap, just buy a gift card visa