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How do you build a birdcage that is 48 x 36 x 24? Answered

I am trying to build a birdcage for 2 male doves. Thats why I have the measurements as 48in long 36 in tall and 24 in deep. I need it to be a double cage as 1. With 2 doors on the front and 1 on each end and a flip top for them to fly out the top. With also a spot to put the dishes on both sides,a pull out tray at the bottom for cleaning. It needs to be chicken wire and wood. I also have a question about should it be stained or painted on the outside. Can someone please help me? I need the directions asap. Thanks to anyone who can help.


Dont stain the wood - its toxic to the birds. Also, Chickenwire alot of the time is made of galvanized steel - which is also extremely toxic to small birds.

First I recommend that you not use chicken wire or stand or panted wood because the wire will injure the birds and the stain or pant will be toxic if the bird bite the wood. So I suggest that you make it out of 1 in square maple rod for the frame then drill servile 1/4 in holes in the frame about 1 in apart then this use 1/4 in maple dowel rods to fit in the holes then assemble the frame and dowels in a ladder shape. This will make the walls of the cage, once you have the walls made the rest of it should be easy to make.