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How do you build a cat fish stunner? Answered



this is working every catfish (wels catfish) ?


6 years ago

I have a set of plans for a catfish stunner that I have never published.
And yes it only works on catfish. I designed the circuit back in the 70s.
If you email me I will give you the details, no the plans are not free.
These are illegal to use or have near most public waters.
Page 1 of the plans is attached.


you can send for me schermatic diagram please ! , my email : Thanhphong110590@gmail.com. thank you very much!

Followed by "send me your bank details so I can forward the plans"??

:-) Only joking.


6 years ago

I do not believe it is possible to only stun cat fish and leave other kinds of
fish unaffected !


It is very possible. It works off the size of the fish. Since Catfish are generally larger and bottom dwellers, the drag line stay on the bottom and since to Voltage is low, the small fish aren't effected by the small amount of current due to their size, the larger catfish however absorb more current, stunning them temporarily bringing them to the surface, how ever, since this is a pulse of the current, you must be fairly quick as the effect wears off rather quickly.
It is the Dept. of Natural resource in nearly every state's go-to method for checking fish population on a yearly basis. However their device turns up the voltage to stun all fish so they can account for large and small alike. It is no more cruel than catch and release, which is fine with me since I catch and eat. The fish in some of our mountain stream in NC don't even have the "fishy" taste to them, makes for some great dinners.

look on etsy there is a sweet set of plans on there cheap to build and works super good.

I don't know if you saw this one, or not:

On that page, this company is selling plans for their "Low Power Catfish Unit", for only 2 USD.  That's just for a downloadable copy these plans.  It's under the link labeled FISH1. 

I am guessing you already looked at the free downloads on that page.

Selectivly - impossible. Although you can pick out the cat fish and leave the others to recover.

battery and inverter to produce 240 volts may work. These products exist.

Blue-sky thinking:

The catfish is a bottom-dweller.

What if you made a plastic tunnel, and placed electrodes on each side of the tunnel, inside?

Waterproof a webcam, pointing into the tunnel, and connect the whole thing to the surface.

The fisherman watches the camera feed, and when he sees a catfish swimming through the tunnel, flicks a switch a releases a jolt large enough to stun the fish inside the tunnel, but not so large as to affect fish further away.

There you go, folks - you can have that idea for free.


What you need is a small fish-tank on the end of a long pole.

Put a very attractive female catfish in the tank ...

These people might be able to help, but they don't list stunning catfish in their portfolio.

Of course the credits list  STUN-A-STOAT LTD.,  just ahead of


6 years ago

I have a very old Fish and Game fish stunner, having only glanced in it, I know it is
High Voltage because of the vacuum tube diode.
Today a semiconductor diode can replace the vacuum tube but steampunk has its
appeal to Burners.

Maybe if you can explain, as a new member, why you hate cat fish. I could look
at it some more and post what I find.

Do you have an Al rowboat ?
Or do you hunt cat fish on an inner tube ?


You might pose this question to your local deparment of natural resources or game warden. I'm sure they would give you some instruction.

It's easy! Take a big car battery... (or you could use the power from an AC outlet, just strip the wire so that only your hot and neutral is exposed... but not the ground). Then put your hand into the water, and with the other hand put the two wires coming from your outlet or battery into the water! (Note that this will also effect any other fish in the tank... but who cares???) Make sure that your hand is in the tank, otherwise this next part will not work. While your hair is standing on end, take the catfish, and stick it in-between your hairs. This will cause the catfish to be stuck, therefore rendering it stunned. :)

(In case you didn't catch this... I'm joking... if you're actually dumb enough to do this, then you probably deserve what's coming to you.) ;)

Here's my actual answer: Why? Why? Why? It's not possible without stunning yourself at the same time.

I think the traditional method involves dynamite, but that's a material that's hard to find anymore, on account of governments these days making noises about the terrorists and whatnot. I mean I don't want to turn this into a long involved rant.  Suffice to say governments are basically in the fun-ruining business.  That's all there is to it.  And it's hard to get away from too, these darned law-and-order spewing their venom everywhere.  Why I bet someone is going to chime into this very thread, just to say, "Oh! Oh! Oh! What you're talking about is ILLEGAL!! You can't do that!"

And there's usually somebody who want's to bring that up, even though the question did not specifically ask about legality.

Aside from religious or ethical questions.  I mean what those catfish have ever done to you? Is it worth being reincarnated in your next life as a catfish?  Deep questions, I know.

Attached image ripped from:


This is crazy topic, man.  Lots of weird stuff out there.

Chapter 5: "Fish Harvesting After Stupefying"
This chapter mentions dynamite, poison, and electrical methods of stupidification!

Free PDFs on electric fish stunning from Information Unlimited(r)

Ehow article using a dynamo from an old hand cranked telephone