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How do you build a cedar clothesline pole? Answered



8 years ago

Okay, obviously I'm missing something in your question.  The straight answer to your question is, "the same way you build an oak clothesline pole."
If you could add a little more specificity, I or someone one else can give you a more specific answer. An image or a brief description of what you have in mind will make a big difference in the kind of answers you get.

I think they're after a great big tree-trunk embedded in the lawn, with a pulley-line system attached to it.


Yeah, that's illustrative of my response. I was thinking maybe he/she was asking about a 'T' type clothesline pole, the kind my momma always had. But the pulley type and umbrella type also came to mind.

Why Cedar? Because people sell products of that title. They want one of them without paying for the whole job to be done by someone else.


Because cedar is good wood for exterior uses.

I was referring to this:
as I believe those are what are wanted.