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How do you charge a capcitor? How would you connect one to a small high speed electric motor? Answered

I need to know this for a project and I am trying to charge them but it is not really working. I have two small capcitors.


sorry I mean a 9 volt or 12 volt?

frollard, could I use a 6 volt or 9 volt battery?

Thanks guys. Well I'm doing a science fair on different types of wires and electric current between an electric motor and a battery. But I can't measure it because the motor begins to work to hard and breaks so I have to find a way to charge a capacitor for a certain amount of time. I just bought a bigger capacitor that is 35 volt and 4700 microfarads. If someone has a recommendation please tell me ASAP please! Thanks

maybe your capacitors charge ok but are too small to make the motor move

Use a DC supply, don't waste time with motors unless that's the aim of the project? Batteries, PSU, wall-wart etc. How small? L

It depends on the type of capacitor - but in general, they act like batteries, storing energy. If you put them in series with a same-voltage-or-less rated battery (like a 1.5 v battery with a 3v capacitor). Initially it will be a short circuit, as the capacitor charges, its internal resistance will go to infinity (as the voltage inside equals the voltage coming from the battery) Then disconnect, and its charged!