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How do you clean a dish washer? Answered

I was wondering can any one give me pointers on this?

Lately our dish washer is leaving spots on our dishes, glasses and est. I figure it is a build up of minerals in the spray and drainage holes of our poor dish washer since our house water system does have hard water.
Even though we regularly use things like Jet dry to supplement the dish washing there comes a time where even that is not good enough to keep away crusty minerals. We had this dish washer for years now and never have issues until now.

I plan on using a product like CLR in the dish washer but I'm not sure what to do next.
Do I just pour the whole bottle of the product in the machine or do you pour it in a certain place?
After I do imagine that I would have to let it sit in there and then run a few cycles?
What do you guys suggest?

Thanks for your input.  :)


Thanks for the article.
You maybe be right about that. It certainly makes sense. Too bad really. :(

FYI they've stopped putting phosphates in detergent. guess what used to do the bulk of the cleaning?

Thanks for that info. Will look in to it. :)

To be honest I'm not even sure its hard water but its just a guess since I have had hard crusty build up in my shower head and even in my humidifier. I have cleaned both with success. The shower head with CLR and just elbow grease with my humidifier.

Like I have said, I have used this dishwasher for a few years now with no spotting problems but now it has those issues.

There's a filter?
Going to have to check that out.

Thanks for every one's help so far. :)

Lemi-Shine is the bomb! It is a powder, made with natural lemon acids, and it cleaned my dishwasher so easily. You pour it in the bottom and start the cycle, but stop it right after the water fills the bottom, and then let it sit over night. Finish the cycle in the morning, and it will be sparkling, with no more hard water or calcium build up.

I have to agree with Nacho,  I wouldn't use CLR as it may cause seals and such to dry up or decompose.

I have used clear vinegar in my coffee maker to "clean it" but I don't run it through "full strength".  And I never leave it without rinsing it thoroughly; flushing it with clear water. 

You may need to use a product that helps water sheet off if your water has actually changed and become "hard".  If it is minerals, cleaning it may not help.

Are you sure it's minerals?
Have you cleaned the filter yet?

. Vinegar is a great choice (just about any acid will do the job). Do not expose metal parts to acid for long periods of time or they will disappear.
.  I don't recommend using CLR or vinegar inside the dishwasher as this may cause problems with the pump seal - disassemble the spray bar and other parts before soaking in the vinegar.