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How do you clean dried printer heads on a fairly new printer? Answered

So I have an EPSON Stylus CX 5400 that will not print a darn thing. After test printing, running the "clean heads" function, and doing head alignment repeatedly, I called EPSON with my frustrated bafflement. To which they replied that my printer heads must have dried out, therefore the printer is shot, and they would be happy to sell me a new one. Which I think is nonsense - There's got to be a way to clean out dried printer heads, right? Or is this wishful thinking? I opened it up, but being the non geek I am have not figured out what the heck printer heads look like, and can't figure out how to remove the component where they must be. Is cleaning out dried up printer heads a pipe dream, or can someone tell me how to do this for this type of printer? I just hate to think of trashing a huge piece of electronics, and I would rather not buy a new printer. Thanks


I used a mix of destilled watter (less risk of rust/corrosion and particles clogging up the fine holes) and 99% alcohol from the drugstore. Let it sit in a shallow container for an hour.

Could you post some pics? Try rubbing some rubbing alcohol on the heads with a q-tip

. I'd try just plain ol' water first. If that doesn't work, then I'd try rubbing alcohol. . Don't rub too hard or the Q-tip will want to shred and leave lint on the head. . I've never had good luck reviving dried up ink carts. That's why all I use now are laser printers ... but I don't need color.