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How do you clean the white stains from the inside of a crystal decanter? Answered

On my crystal wine decanter there is a white deposit on the inside of the decanter. I would like to know how to eliminate it. Can anyone help?


I have tried every suggestion I have ever read, and the wine decanter we bought at a flea market is still streaked with white. I thought I had it looking pretty good with the last try of four denture cleaning tablets soaking overnight, then rinsed with water and a few drops of dishwasher rinse aide. But, when I put it the lighted cabinet to check, the streaks are there. Any more suggestions??

 Use "Cascade" powder (not liquid) in your dishwasher. 

The white stains are lime and calcium deposits. I go with lemonie-white vinegar just cover the stain and wait-overnight-rinse with clean hot water-drain dry simple way without chemicals. I don't have hard water but I will run a qt of white vinegar thru the brew cycle of my auto coffeemaker cycle--and then run 2 plain water cycles to rinse...My coffeemaker is on it's tenth year :)

Use 1-2 T. table salt Lemon juice or vinegar crushed ice add ingredients and swirl around until all surfaces scrubbed. We use to clean restaurant coffee pots this way. It works great!

In Canada you can get a product called CLR, 'descalerr. It should be safe on crystal. Check the container.

Soap and a hand full of BB shot Swirl it round - You can actually buy the shot in china shops for this purpose but plain BBs are cheaper.

I wonder what it is? Bottle-brush & detergent. Undiluted bleach Vinegar (all separately with washing in between) L

I would start with plain hot water and a bottle-brush. Rinse well, and actively dry it (don't leave it to dry by evaporation).