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How do you close a door from bed - whether it opens in or out! Could use a solution for bedtime! Answered

My dilemma - and if my wife would let me solve it in our bedroom is I get in bed and the bathroom door or the door the hallway is open.  Sometimes the air pressure swings one or the other closed/open - but regardless I hate getting out of bed to close them.

Anyone got any creative ways of a build to close them?



A bucket full of bean bags by the bedside & a good aim should do it. :-)

I know this is very low tech of me but how about good old fashioned rising butt hinges?


A good coat of oil once in a while & job done.

hook up a servo motor to the door & wire it through the light for the bedroom or bathroom on a time delay so that it activates a while after the lights are turned off & shuts the door. If not that I would go with the trained monkey idea as your back up. but what ever you do for the love of god don't fix the latch or hinges.

Build a giant contraption with tons of strings, ropes and pulleys. It will work great, look great, add difficulty to moving around the room and annoy your wife, so there'd be hope she will ask you to take it apart and will close the doors herself in the future:)

There is a piece of hardware that replaces one of the hinge pins. It has a small spring that puts tension on the door to hold it open. It's just enough tension to keep the door from moving but not enough so that anyone would notice when trying to close the door.

It's used when doors are slightly out of plumb.  Home depot or Loew's might not stock it, you might have to go to a real hardware store.

+1. Don't close it from bed; fix it so it closes (a door closer) and/or latches.

In this scenario, I'd go with a trained monkey. Or a child, if you have one handy.


7 years ago

If you are in bed when this takes place, she can fix it!