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How do you connect a Presario Compaq to a SD TV? Answered



Kinda late answer, but you need an RF modulator (I think that's what it's called). It takes an AV or S-video input and converts it to a coax output.

What input(s) does the TV have? If it's not got a standard monitor connection you'll need some device to interface the two.


Thanks for reading my ibles. I recongize your user name from my other ibles. But, it has a S- Video output but I could never get it to work from there. And just a regular monitor input.

If the TV has a monitor-input you just need a cable. I've had problems with S-video, but that was so long-ago I forget...


If it's a notebook, you can likely use an S-Video cable and change the computer's viewing signal to line out.  If (more likely) your Presario is a desktop, VGA is the easiest way to go with a newer tv.

just use basic VGA cable? or if it doesnt have that, HDMI, does it have that?


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