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How do you connect a servo to an RC transmitter? Answered

I am connecting servos to an RC plane I am building but I don't know how to connect the servos.

Please Help!


Is this your aircraft?


Last year, I bought a Ready to Fly airplane called the Night Vapor. It came with a 2.4 ghz transmitter. Not the expensive type, just one that came with the plane. It is made by Spektrum. How do I connect a servo to that???? Where do I buy a receiver for that transmitter?

If it came with a transmitter didn't it have a receiver already fitted to the aircraft + instructions? PS you will only be able to fly this aircraft indoors or on a perfectly still day.

Judging this information


It comes with receiver and NOT transmitter??


If your in the UK then Als hobbies - see address above - is a good place to start.

USA / other Sorry I don't know.

You need to tell them what you have and get the right receiver. Once you have that connecting the servo's will be obvious as they have plugs on them that fit into the radio receiver.

I am wondering if your asking the right question?

The servo outputs are on the RC receiver - typically 4 or 5 channel. One of these will go to the ESC (electronic speed controller) which controls the motor speed, and the others will control rudder, elevator and aileron servos etc.

What is the receiver and does it come with the servo?

I believe some kits exist that include a receiver with a transmitter, and others that have a receiver with servos. By "matching the transmitter," it must be using the same frequency. Not "35MHz," but "35.xxxxxxMHz." The servos simply plug into the port for whatever channel you want to use them on.


Disregard the last question. I know what servo is. But does it come with a reciever

Yep, and the receiver has to match the transmitter.

Good point - Safest to buy the receiver by the same company which makes your transmitter - I use Spektrum.