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How do you connect something that is spinning to a power outlet i.e. the lights on a ferris wheel?? Answered

I want to build a light rig that's spinning around it's own axis. Like a carousel or a ferris wheel. But without putting the power source on the rid. How do you do that without the cables twisting?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Google "slip rings" for a better definition.  The contacts are mounted on the uprights and there are 2 copper rings that contact them that are mounted on the axle.  These rotate and supply power to the moving portion of you exibit.

Or you could mount an electromagnet around the center of the axle on the outside and on the inside moving portion mount another electromagnet and working as a transformer you would power your moving part by induction.  This will be less effecient but kinda interesting.

Good luck.

You mean I posted the answer before you got a chance to look at the question?

How about something like a 1/8" or 1/4" headphone jack, and apply power power through that.  Only reason I thought of that, is because you can use headphones with the jack rotated any way you want.  Not sure that it could survive constant rotating, but it is worth a try


That would work.  I've seen it on something before, I just can't remember what I saw it on.  Another implementation of the "slip rings".