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How do you convert a UHP lamp specifically for a DLP Viewsonic pj250 projector into an LED lamp? Answered

I have a DLP type Viewsonic PJ250 projector, it uses a UHP 120 W lamp, gives 1000 Lumen's, and 2000: 1 contrast. Our current technology doesn't seem to have made an actual LED version lamp for this or replacement LED for them yet, but one day someone will, is it you? Current lamp costs $200+  so developing this will help out people that need a lamp last more than 2000 hours. So is there someone that is up for the challenge of redoing or making a way to connect this and other projectors with LED technology in a relatively affordable manner?
I have researched online and seen people do it for other types of projectors, like LCD, and understand the precise lighting in such a small area needed for my type of projector. I believe it is possible very soon to recreate a new lamp even if it takes a little rewiring and ingenuity. Thank you, I look forward to learning something new.



Best Answer 8 years ago

DLP needs a brighter light source than an LCD projector, since each of the primary colors is only on screen one third of the time. I'd be slightly surprised if there's a "white" LED which puts out enough light to do this.


Answer 8 years ago

Can it be done? Yes, but you'd need a 'kin-big slice of semiconductor & heat-sinking. Sometimes heavy-metal-based solutions are the best, regardless of our ideals...