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How do you create a miniature emp generator (NOT FIRECRACKER) that disables electroinics? Answered

I found some pages on emp's but I would like so clarification on them an some simpler instructions






This is combineoverwatch's new account and the way to create an emp is to charge a line of about 5 flash caps and discharge through a coil (My way is using a fly swatter transformer and hooking up the middle HV out lead to a coil)

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@Wolf996, what do say then?


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i've heard about a method using a coil and block of metal. i have no idea if it works and is probably very dangerous. the idea is basically that you get an iron rod of metal and wrap in lots and lots of wire. you then put it into a tube. at the bottom of the tube there has to be some explosive, maybe gunpowder or as you say a fircracker. it has to be powerfull enough to make the rod travel at a considerable speed. ive heard you can do this process with come copper white just wrap around a nail. obviously this is very small scale so probably wont see results from it. its probably not a very good/ safe idea trying this but ive heard it works.

hey said not a fire cracker though..

You're probably thinking of an Explosively Pumped Flux Compression Generator. While cool, they're actually used to produce extremely powerful pulses of current, usually to power an EMP device or something similiar, but they produce little EMP power themselves.

Don't Play With These If You Really Want To Know I Will Tell You

I'm sorry I have to say this but I just read the wikihow that you had a link to and it was pretty basic stuff. If you do not have a basic understanding of electronics then you shouldn't be playing around with electro-mag pulses.