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How do you create a thing? Answered

By thing, I mean those things with all those related (And awesomeface!) stuff.My ideas are bursting to be born! :)

P.S. My category is what it is, but I think this a workshop kind of thing.I dunno why :L




Best Answer 5 years ago

In order to create a Thing, you need to organize an election of representatives of the people. Political parties are not required, but they are likely to evolve organically if not constructed in advance. Once the election has been completed, you may require a building in which the members of the Thing can meet (though in the past, the Thing met in open fields). You way want to have a Lawspeaker to lead the Thing, but again, if you don't provide one, the members will probably figure that out for themselves.


5 years ago

I start with a strong ( heave ) solid core door and
add four 4x4 wood legs about 35" high each and
now I have a workshop worktable.

What say you ?



I'm talking about those channel thingys.

"Channels", like "Categories", are confighurations of the database system at Instructables. They are created by staff, very rarely, when there is a sufficiently large population of closely-related instructables which deserve to be categorized separately.

As an I'bles member, you can create a Guide, which is an annotated collection of a dozen or so related instructables. You are expected to consult with the authors of the chosen I'bles, and to provide some text of your own introducing each one and explaining (in good, clear, English prose) which you selected it for your Guide.

It depends on what you want to make. You can use a 3D printer, a laser cutter, a milling machine, or just hand tools and glue. Super simple stuff.

If by thing you mean 'instructable' - you are halfway there. Now that you've registered (welcome) you can go up to the 'create' tab at the top left of the page and start to ...create...instructables on the things you want to show.

Take your time - quality over quantity.

Much depends on how complicated the "thing" is

Perhaps these instructables will help you understand the creative process.