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How do you create factory simulation software without learning any language? Answered

I want to create or get a factory simulation software ( the same as ARENA or VISIOSIM ), without learning any computer language (though I remember my Visual Basic 6, I dont want to use any). Surely there has to be an opensource software like that.


a simple vbscript file can fix this!
but im too lazy to do it so your on
your own.


9 years ago

Dear Mr. NAchoMahma, Yes Its true; Maybe an Arena software, only open-source. Or, if thats not available, at least a flash or shockwave website where you can make simplified simulations you design using Google Chrome or IE7, or a software that SMEs could use even in third world countries, where it would have the most impact in industry. A factory or event simulation software that doesnt cost much, or is available on a per use basis, would have many applications other than manufacturing.

How do you speak a language without learning any language?

. ROFL. That was my first thought. I think what he is after is software that will allow him to place "process boxes" and then drag lines between them to indicate "flow." Maybe select "process" parameter from pull-downs?
. I've used many process control and sim packages (including some by the same ppl that do ARENA) and, except for the simplest tasks, they all require quite a bit of programming/scripting to tweak.

Ah, you mean like LabView. You're right, for anything but the very simplest generic tasks in each box, you have to write some code to define what the task itself, or boundary conditions, or whatever.