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How do you describe Instructables? Answered

Could everyone help us out in a huge way by answering one question for us? How do you describe Instructables to your friends? Thanks in advance for your input and honesty!


Most my freinds aren't into this stuff but to the few that are I just say "Imagine all the nerds from every high school across the world on one site, then add into that all the people who are grown up nerds... and the knex kids"

I don't know about nerds.....geeks maybe ;-) Geeks have prowess, nerds are normally socially awkward, etc.

Agreed. I'm offended by "nerd", but not by "geek" :P
(It takes a geek to understand that :P)
Then again, sometimes ADJ+geek doesn't sound as good as ADJ+nerd, in that case I can accept ADJ+nerd. (i.e., although it doesn't apply to me yethopefully... "MIT Geek" sounds funny, but "MIT Nerd" is a bit better, due to an alliteration-type thing... Mm nn, close enough)

Test: do you own a "pocket protector" LOL Besides, there is a candy by the name of Nerds.... ;-)

No, I don't. I hate the shirts with the pocket there... I think we went over this already :P (maybe that was Kiteman...)

Ah, before "my time" (here) LOL I am normally (75% of the time) in a "dress shirt" of sorts. I hate pen leaks on my white shirts LOL

What about caps?
I use pencils mostly for school, as you need them for Math, and I'm carrying it around anyway, so why make my load any heavier? :P
I do love nice pens though... ones with incredibly fine tips.

I'm normally (99% of the time, except dressy/formal occasions) in just a plain solid-colored T-shirt, (longsleeved in winter). I'm so bland, but I don't mind :P

Cyber-high-five for utilitarian clothing! Do you complement the t-shirt with a pair of jeans, too?

*cyber-high-five* Jeans - no. I actually can't stand 'em. I wear kacki-like (sp) shorts/pants depending on the time of year.

CYBER HIGH FIVES?! :( I thought I escaped high fives, but no, here they are again. They are so scary.

Hmm... High-FOURS!? We'll prevent our pinkies from touching ;-) *high fours*

Not hight fours because the Instructables robot only has 4 fingers?

Robot has 4 fingers. I assumed that was why the high four would have replaced the high five.

Lets just do HIGH SHABANG! (Shabangs are my favorite ASCII character combo)


<3 The GIMP I may get a T-shirt of that (ULTIMATE IN-JOKE!)

YES! That would ROCK! Maybe you'd run into Lemonie/Goodhart/Kiteman?

Hmmm Tilda's are normally used (in the cyber world) for waving (many times waving goodbye, like :-) )

Hey! Who crossed out my smiley ?

Oh I see, so when I put tildas ~ ~ ~ ~ smack up against one another, they did the crossing out Sigh.


Except in the Wiki formatting, two tildas crosses text out :P

(Another helpless thread falls victim to HIJACKING!!) 14/44 posts are actually ON topic >_>

Ah I love to hijack threads. And it all stemmed from a simple statement about nerds (a word coined by Dr Seuss nonetheless).

I blame Dr. Seuss for this then. It wasn't me at all!

Still... so... awkward... life... force... draining... eep.

zachninme has stole your soul!
Would you like to buy it back from him for 31.1492634425 million dollars?

No. :( Keep it. It'll just bring you bad luck anyway!

Since I own your soul now, I am going to force you to pay me 31.1492634426 million dollars!


Thats exactly what I'm wearing right now (kacki shorts with a lamb of god t shirt) but in the winter I prefer jeans

LOL Most of my "t-shirts" have pockets too. It is almost mandatory if I am to pay very much for them ;-)

If you carry a pen long enough, you will find one (eventually quite a few) that leak ( I prefer retractable pens, they are more convenient). Even capped pens have been known to leak, fill the pen with ink and then seep out the little breather hole in the side Where I work would not think to highly of my use of a pencil, and capped pens have have the cap taken off and then put back on (oh the miseries of life, eh? LOL). But I do a lot of quick notation and it really is more convenient to just click and write.

I'm also usually in a dress shirt (and jeans). I hate pocket protectors and pen leaks, so I rarely carry a pen. :)

I suppose with me it is habit mostly. I pretty much must use a pen at work; I am the member of our family that signs most everything legal, and so, like not having a watch, I feel naked without the pen,
and also at least my pocket calendar, although I rarely have a p-protector anymore (my glasses case used to serve that purpose too, but it is hard to find ones that small anymore ;-( ).

No... the only comment I made was about Weiss's utility belt falling down after he "LMAO" 'd

I don't know what the definition of a nerd is, but I know that Geek is defined by, "One who preforms the act of decapitating a fowl with their mouth whilst on stage." Yeah, I like Geek better.