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How do you embed a text box in an instructable for arduino code? Answered

I am writing an instructable that uses an Arduino micro controller and I wanted to include the code in a text box scrolling text box. But I can't find anywhere that tells how to embed a textbox in an instructable. Could someone point me in the right direction.



Best Answer 5 years ago

If you can find some HTML that does it then yo can insert in the source.

In my one Arduino project I uploaded the sketch twice, once as code and once as a text file so people could view the code without having the Arduino editor installed.

If the code isn't long I would follow mpilchfamily's advice and indent and italicize. Whatever you do just make sure you comment the code or else you are better off not uploading it at all.

Do you just type the HTML directly into the textbox where you are supposed to add the text for the step?

Nope. There is a "Source" button on the editor but you may have to be a PRO member to use it. It's in the upper right corner of the rich editor.

It must be related to being a PRO member since I only have 5 or so buttons on the editor, with none of them saying "source". Thanks anyways

I always indent the page then copy the code in. Often i'll put the text in italics so you can tell its code. But either way its good to upload the sketch to the site so people can download it.