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How do you enhance the acoustics of over-the-ear headphones? Answered

I recently made headphones, but the acoustics sound all wrong. Any tips on how I can fix it?

The headphones: https://www.instructables.com/id/LEGO-Headphones/

Thanks in advance!



Best Answer 7 years ago

After looking at your project I think I know exactly what you problem is. For a speaker or headphone to sound good, the front face of the sound cone needs to be blocked from the back side of the cone. That's why a speaker box is usually closed in the back.

The sound coming from the rear face of the cone is approx. the negative of what is coming from the front of the cone.  And when they hit in your ear most of the sound is canceled out.  What you end up hearing is just a mix of what's left.

It looks like you made your phones out of a set of phone drivers that had a full ear cup that isolated the front sound from the rear sound.

To make your's sound better, you need to prevent the rear sound from reaching your ears.  The better you can do that the better your earphones will sound.

> It looks like you made your phones out of a set of phone drivers
.  Those types of drivers are designed to be most responsive at the frequencies of human speech - which means they sound very bad when trying to reproduce music.
.  It might help to move the drivers closer to the ears, but they will sound pretty crappy no matter what.

. Great! Those should give you much better sound than the telephone drivers that they look like.

But I still have the problem with the audio sound leaking everywhere... What materials would I be able to use?

Mkay, so the solution would be to somehow insulate the back of the driver so that the sound only comes from the front of the cone? What material(s) would be suitable?

Clean your ears?