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How do you extend window motor gear? Answered

I have two window motors that i plan to use for a small robot, how can i extend the gear on each of them (so i can clamp it to wooden wheels for direct drive)

do they sell ready made extensions?

here is an image of how the two motors look like (i know they're different but i got them for free so.... yeah)


i opened up the front panel for the motors (where the gear is shafted on) and discovered that the gear i can take off but the aluminum rod that it's grounded on (center of the gear) is too short for me to connect to the wheels)

in other words, how can i extend that rod


If you can get at that metal shaft there, then I think the answer is to use a shaft coupler.

From Google(r) images I obtained an example picture of what I mean by a "shaft coupler", and this picture is attached.  It is a little metal cylinder that a two shafts can slide into, and it has two little screws that are tightened to help it grip the shafts. 

In the event that you can't find a shaft coupler, at your local hardware monge, it is also possible to make one.

Also in the pics below, is a re-upload of  that picture of your car window actuator motors.




thanks for researching, just one question though, since both the cylinder from the motor and from the rod (extension) will be round, how will the screw help both stay connected (wouldn't one keep going while the other one stays still)

will i have to flatten ends of both parts and then run a screw through it?

The shaft coupler is held in place by friction between the tightened screw and the shaft.

Also it does help if the shaft is not perfectly round.  For example, if you grind a little flat spot, or drill a very shallow hole, on each shaft in the place where the screw touches it, then the screw penetrates a short distance into the shaft.   So then the shape, looking at it along the axis of the shaft,  is not exactly one circle inside another.

If you can find a steel tube the fits around the gears you can dimple it over the gear so that it grips the gear. Then support it on the other end and take off your power there.

Difficult, without a machine shop. You need to get the gears off and make a coupler with a piece of tube, or turned rod.

Some pictures, or a better description, of what the motors and wheels look like, what shape, what size, plus some information on what materials they're made out of, might be helpful.

I mean that might help the people trying to answer this question to sort of visualize what you want to do.

Also I am guessing you want to turn the wheel from its center, rather than turning the  wheel in some other way, like maybe by having the gear ride on the edge of the wheel, or turn a gear that turns the wheel, or  something like that.

I don't know if ready made extension shafts exist for your your motor or wheels, since I don't know what your motor or wheels are.  But if I had to guess, I would guess that these do not exist, and that you'll have to somehow fabricate your own somehow, out of steel or plastic pipe, or I don't know what, since I don't have a very good idea of what you're trying to connect to what.