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How do you extract potassium nitrate from fertilizer? Answered

I have been fiddling around with a few homemade fireworks, and I have found a certain want for potassium nitrate, something which works very well in fireworks. Does anyone know how to remove this from my everyday garden fertilizer? I heard it can be done, I just dont know how... Thanks! P.S. I dont need any warnings about using fireworks, I am very sensible.


How many percent potassium nitrate is your fertilizer?That would help.

The one that I wanted to use was %10, but I have one that I could also use that is %30.

Well, you can boil the water with fertilizer until you get a white crust on the bottom.Another way is to dissolve the fertilizer in water.Then stick a cotton string through the water and leave it over night.It will grow crystals on the cotton string.

I like the sound of the second one... I will try it. Thanks very much!

Ehh... Sorta. I got like barley enough to see. It worked though. Thanks!

Maybe you could heat the water so you could dissolve more fertilizer.Then try to use only 2 strings so you get more per string.Then it is easier to collect it.Sorry you did not get very much. p.s.What percent fertilizer did you use?(10 or 30)

Im going to start with some smoke bombs. There is a instructable for them somewhere...

we all know its not for fireworks you're going to blow up your hands.

Potassium Nitrate is the most commonly used oxidizer in amateur rocketry motors as well. As an amateur rocket builder I use KNO3 often and understand its dangers when mixed with certain fuels (Most commonly plain household sugar). It is not illegal to own or use in this manner but I'd suggest extensive research before playing around with. P.S. I'm sure it can be used for making an I.E.D. however, if your a terrorist and interested in making an I.E.D. there are probably much better oxidizers with a higher electron donor factor you can use. KNO3 is common, legal, and safe to use with professional guidance.

Thank you for informing, I guess I'll look for the better oxidizers with higher election donor factors.

sigh potassium nitrate is commonly used as blasting agent in mines and can be use too make an i.e.d..

Sigh is right. I not making bombs! You think I am a maniac or something?

If I need to take over america, I will just use my v1

just in case some nsa guys go over to your house I don't have anything that can help you because I don't know what laws are over in Canada.

1. buy garden fertilizer 2. throw away garden fertilizer 3. buy spectracide stump remover 4. use stump remover for KNO3

Thanks very much! I figured that would be my best bet. Thanks again!

You are Canadian! "P.S. I dont need any warnings about using fireworks, I am very sensible." In Canada, homemade fireworks are ilegal. In fact, fireworks themselves are only legal in the 3 weeks surrounding hallowee!

LoL Then why is there A big 'ol fireworks store at the end of my street?

Do they have a visible license? Do they sell to minors? This law may not apply in Manitoba.

can i obtain potassium nitrate from this kind of fertilizer? how?


5 years ago

Multi-KTM, Haifa’s potassium nitrate brand, is the base of a whole line of plain and enriched potassium nitrate fertilizers, designed for optimal plant nutrition.
Multi-KTM is fully water soluble, and consists of 100% plant macronutrients. The Multi-KTM potassium nitrate fertilizers are efficiently absorbed by plants, and the presence of nitrate enables the plant to minimize its uptake of chloride, whenever this deleterious anion is present in the soil solution or in the irrigation water. This makes Multi-KTM a necessity for chloride-sensitive crops
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KNo3 is a controlled substance in Canada

if you use it for ANYTHING that goes BANG, you are in violation of Federal Explosives laws

you can find all the info online

look up firearms act and explosives act, I think those two will tell you all you need to know

you might want to careful about what you say on the Internet........ you have just ask how to get potassium nitrate from fertilizer. you could use the first couple of suggestions to get ammonium nitrate ( a highly explosive substance) from fertilizer. Bearing in mind that the I.R.A used fertilizer to make bombs (as well as other substances).

im NOT saying you ARE a member of the infamous I.R.A but it do sound a bit dodgey. even if it is for fireworks.

First, most fertilizers use Calcium Nitrate, not Potassium Nitrate. Second, use stump remover. Most brands have a really high ratio of Potassium Nitrate to additives. All you have to do is dissolve it in water, boil it down until it crystallizes, then crush the crystals. Alternatively, you could dissolve it in water, then run it through a filter. The filter should remove any contaminates, at which point you should boil it down. Really it depends on how pure you want it. I recommend the latter, as it produces better results. Remember, the additives (collectively referred to as "contaminates") can produce adverse behavior in pyrotechnic mixtures.

Thank you very much. I have found out that I can buy potassium nitrate from my local garden center anyway :-D Thanks very much for the help, though!

Go to a garden centre and buy a box of sulphate of potash and a box of nitrate of soda make a saturated solution of both chemicals mix them and bring the liquid to a gentle boil for 4 minutes allow to cool and separate the white precipitate from the liquid and discard the precipitate. heat the to reduce it and Kno3 crystals will form at the bottom.