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How do you fix an infrared mouse? Answered

I need help my mouse light is on but it wont move or click



electronics are cheap, buy a new one

i think one of the data wires in the cable (or connections) is broken disconnect (unplug / desolder - keep track of which wire is where) the cable from the mouse and test all wires with led and battery if usb / ps2 plug is bad you can use the cable and plug as is for diy usb powered project (the power wires are still ok). use another cable for the mouse cut wires + pull the metal part from the plastic part + fix it + drill old cable remains out of the hole in the plastic part + make plug again break the plastic off the plug with pliers + fix + use uncovered (not recommended - vulnerable and easy to short out accidentally) or cast new plug from hot glue etc

Have you replaced the battery? And since you usually move mice with your hand - have you glued it to the desk or something? L