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How do you fix speakers that don't have a plug in to the wall? Answered

Okay, so I just went to an estate sale today with my Mom, and bought these... probably circa 2005 speakers. A little old, but whatever. The thing is, when I got home I realized I had forgotten a part at the Sale: the speaker's power cord that plugs into the wall.

I don't have a way to go back there (can't remember that address, either) so I'm pretty much screwed. Unless I can figure out how to modify the speakers some way to make it so they will either work with the power cords I have laying around, or not have to be plugged in at all. Help would be greatly appreciated.

(The picture underneath shows the kind of speakers I'm talking about.)


That set of speakers needs a 9 volt, 600 ma. or larger DC adapter.


5 years ago

Usually there is a sticker that says the input voltage. Take these speakers to Goodwill, thrift sore, or swap meet and match up the voltage to the plug size. These places have tons of AC adapters to choose from and usually a place to test them. It should only cost a couple more bucks.
Good luck

You might want to check EBAY for a universal power adapter like this:

Make sure that you buy  an adapter that is able to supply enough current (amps)  for your speakers.
If you have an old adapter with the correct voltage/ amps rating,
you can use it with the speakers even if its not the correct plug.
You just have to cut off the plug and  remove the speaker power
jack and splice the wires together. Make sure to observe the
correct polarity.

I agree with frollard as to the age of your speakers.
Some were even  6 volt battery powered back then.
So check to see if  there are any battery compartments in back
of the speakers.


5 years ago

My speakers have a mains AC unresolvable plug as part of the set.
I have had speakers with a wall wart too.

A Google search shows the back side poorly, I can't determine the power
connector  well enough to help you.

Hope you didn't pay store prices for a $5 unknown. 

Funny thing about your comment, I actually did pay five dollars for these.

These are probably more like circa 1995...Generally that era used 9vDC positive center pin plug barrel connectors.