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How do you fly an RC plane? Answered

I recently got a P-51D Mustang plane with a 3 foot wingspan. On its maiden voyage I managed to stall right after taking off. Can someone help me. I'm already down 2 propellers and the wings are pretty scratched up. HELP ME


You are trying to lift up on the plane and making it rise too fast. Try making i fly at a shorter slope upward to make it not stall. Also, try practicing in the grass to preserve the wings. Hope this helps!

I have problems on my first plane too. Try to get used to the controls by just moving the sticks with no controls power or airplane power. Simulator works too. Make sure center of gravity is balanced. When taking off, use about 3/4 throttle and let the plane lift off itself, then you can use elevators to make it go higher. For turns, use the rudder. The nose will drop at a slight angle so use a little up elevator. Use aileron, or opposite rudder to level the plane out. You can also use ailerons and elevator for a turn.

Picking up a very old question here, - You may be an expert flier by now.

The best way to learn is to start off with something cheap and simple, without ailerons, such as the Parkzone Micro Cub. This is RET - Rudder, elevator, throttle. Download a copy of FMS - a free flight simulator and the model for the plane you have bought.  Also a copy of SmartProPoPlus, which is an interface to allow you to use your RC controller with the simulator.  Practice on this to get used to the controls and the L/R reversal when the model comes towards you. 

For more fun, build yourself a Nutball.  Plans are on the RCGroups site (which has been down for a week or so but hopefully back soon).  This is RET, but very responsive and great fun to fly. 

Load up the model for your Mustang and learn this on the sim, then go out and fly it with a bit more confidence.

This is the route I went recently, and then bought myself a high-performance Parkzone Sukhoi (because it was a great bargain).  I can keep it in the air for about 10 seconds at most at the moment - It is very, very twitchy.

hahah no i suck at flying it :P the longest flight ive had was about 8 seconds...and that was out of at least 5 attempts. I did manage to crack it completely in half and fix it with only tape and glue :D haha but i just think rc planes are not for me...ill stick with rc cars.

If you want to try again, start with an RET plane - They are really easy to fly.
If you let go of the stick they go in straight line, unlike the aileron models where you have to work to keep them in the air (as you found out #;¬).

haha okay thanks. maybe ill use some of my christmas giftcards and buy one :)

Go for it. If you have RC cars you've already got an advantage in that you'll be used to the control reversal when they're coming towards you.

oh yeah thats true. are there any good cheap RET planes that you could recommend?

If you want to get into fly RC planes without getting on a simulator then I would suggest getting a "Slowstik". They should be available at your local hobby shop. The kit should cost around $40, then you will have motor and Electronic Speed Control to buy but, you could use the receiver and servo's from your P-51. It's really stable and docile then when you have the confidence then go on to something more challenging like your P-51. Thats how I started just over a year ago now I'm onto a big twin engined Mosquito and B-25 bomber as well as my SU-34 twin motored jet. Have fun

to start with I would start with a flight simulator from your local hobby shop. I started out with realflight basic with lots of planes that are 4 channel. now the basics. mode 2, on the right control stick left right =aeilerons. Up down=elevator. right control stick left right =yaw. up down=throttle.

on mode 1 the throttle and yaw is one the right ailerons and elevator are on the left hope this helps

try starting off with a simulator. you can smash it up as much as you want!

i know exactly how to fly one..... use the remote control!!! :P

Dude! Im sure he knows what to use to control it... 222222222539, why get such a good plane when you haven't flown before

it was a christmas gift...i asked for a cheaper one but i got this one. haha

sorry i am not a plane expert but i think what knex sstealth was saying would help and try to go in a really big field so you wont have to worry about steering

You should find someone near you who knows how, and get them to show you. Each plane handles differently, you really want someone experienced to fly it then to teach you. (Otherwise just keep trying and patching it up) L