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How do you follow an Instructable? Answered

I'm in on an Advent Calendar and I find myself forgetting to check it everyday for new posts.

How can I follow an Instructable so that I can get notifications once new content is added under comments?

Would appreciate the advice. I'm still a bit of a noob.





Best Answer 6 years ago

I follow an instructable by selecting the favorite next to the ible heading.
Then on your page, under settings, select customize and pick following
under Shortcuts.

Now anytime you please the Shortcuts pull down menu next to your Avatar lets you pull your favorite ibles for you to see the stats.


It took me a minute to figure this out. You have to select "favorites" under shortcuts, versus "following" (there is no following option). But I get what you mean.

Very good tip, considering you can't just "follow" an instructable. The weird thing is you can "follow" a question in Q & A, hence the orange button (upper right).

So after the first reply I assumed this could not be done and was hoping for a suggestion like yours. I did fire off an email to ibles suggesting that we get an option to follow specific instructables, which would be useful in weekly challenges, etc. so we'll see whether or not they make that change in the future.

Thanks for your reply. I have to give you the best answer credit, as you provided a work around, instead of just a "no" answer.

Be warned some time an ineques question you choose to Follow  can turn into hundreds of silly answers and there   no way to un-subscribe a lot of mail that you don't want for a matter of months.

I like lady Canadians,


In addition to iceng's "best", if you follow the creator of a project, every time that project is edited, you get a message to say so.

Very good point. I hadn't thought of that... oh the joys of being a noob... :D

Thanks for the info.

I don't believe there is a way to subscribe to a particular instructable; only the author gets all updates;
If you subscribe to the author you get updates on what THEY do..

The best bet is to put something on your real calendar or set an alarm to check back.

Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I tried searching this topic and looking over the ible for anything to follow, but you're probably right. I know I can follow the author, but that of course doesn't do anything for me on the current ible (unless they're replying to my comments).

I think I'll just take your advice and put a reminder for me.
Its unfortunate that we can't follow new content on ibles though...

I'll leave this open for a day or two, in case someone knows of a way. If not, I'll give you the 'best answer' credit.

Thanks again.