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How do you get a stripped screw out of a Longshot front gun? Answered

I need to get a stripped screw out of my longshot's gun attachment, could someone tell me how to get it out?



6 years ago

I am going to assume the screw is threaded into a plastic piece and the threads cut into the plastic have stripped out. If this is the case then the best way I have found to fix this is to run the screw down as if tightening it and keep turning until it is as loose as it can get. The idea is to break loose any remaining bits of plastic holding the screw in the hole.
Turn the piece over and rap it smartly against the palm of your hand several times. If you're lucky, the screw will fall out into your hand.
If you're not so lucky, loosen the other screws in the part so you can pull the pieces apart a couple of mm. Work it this way several times trying to raise the screw enough to get a grip on the screw head and pull it out, perhaps with a pair of pliers, a strong magnet or loop of thin wire.
Once the screw is removed, you can repair the screw hole with some 5 minute epoxy and re-insert screw.

the screw is really deep in the gun, I have tried to bang it against my palm but it does not want to come out

Okay, loosen, first make sure you have turned the screw until it turns freely. Next, loosen, but don't remove, all the screws that are in the part that has the screw you can't remove. Wiggle and pull on the plastic part as if you were trying to separate the parts. What you will be trying to do is pull up the screw that you can't remove out of the threaded portion. You may need to use a flat blade screwdriver or other object to pry the plastic apart and lift the screw up. Then try to rap the piece against your palm once again.
If that doesn't work, you'll need to remove all the screws and actually separate the pieces to remove the screw.


6 years ago

If the screw and gun metals are different
there is an acid that can eat the screw and not the gun...

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its a nerf gun, its made of Plastic -_-

Get hold of a product call an easy out


If you can fit a dremel head in the hole cut it so you can screw it out as a flat head.

I use several different methods to remove stripped screws. Which method to use depends on the situation. If the screw is easily accessable, you may be able to use a hacksaw or a dremel CUTTING BIT to saw a new slot into the screwhead. then use a regular screwdriver to unscrew it. You may be able to use a grinding wheel to grind off the head of the screw to remove the part. then the stub will be easy to grab a hold of with a pliers and unscrew. Sometimes, you can cut a small NOTCH into the side of the stripped screw and use a hammer and flathead screwdriver to hammer on the slot in a sideways fashion to get the screw started. Once the screw starts turning, you can sometimes use the screwdriver to finish unscrewing it. If the item can withstand heat,,, then you might try heating up the metal with a propane torch or high temperature heat gun, then while it is HOT try using a screwdriver. To avoid stripping screws, always use a screwdriver that FITS REALLY SNUGLY into the slot. Wrong screwdriver will make you strip the screws head more often. I do not know what a "longshot front gun" is, but the above methods work on most situations.

Try super-glueing something to the remains of the head, then turn that.