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How do you get backstage passes to concerts? Answered



9 years ago

Many ways. 1. Be famous too. - Star treatment may be available if you're, well, a star. Local Radio and TV personalities sometimes count. 2. Be a member of the official fan club. - Depending on how big the fan club is, how long the band is in town, and how well they like to treat their fan club... you may ALL get in or only a few select members will be chosen. 3. Have a good friend who is a roadie or better yet, venue staff. - Roadies sometimes get offered extra passes for friends. Venue staff are more likely to be able to pull strings, depending on their positions. The BEST person to be friends with is the Events Coordinator. Either way, alcohol, coffee, donuts, and/or pizza are great bargining chips. 3 (b) Work for the venue or become a roadie. See the concert AND get paid for massive amount of work involved. 4. Pay lots of extra money (this option is not always available). - Sometimes you can just ask for a backstage pass at the ticket office and pay anywhere from an extra $10 to a few thousand or more. 5. Win a contest. - Keep your radio station on speed-dial. Check your local magazines and newspapers to see if they have a promo. Keep in mind that either may have a limit to how many prizes you can win or how often you can enter their contests. Our radio station asks winners to wait 10 days before entering another contest, so if I call in this week and win the $10 Wendy's coupon I can't call next week for tickets. 6. Happen to be good looking or cool enough to get the band's attention. - Sorry, this isn't for everyone and being a beauty is no guarantee when they have to pick you from a crowd of hundreds or thousands. Show up nice and early and wait for the band to show up, you probably won't be alone. 7. Become locally well known as a great party guest. - If the band happens to ask "who's cool in this town?" and you happen to be the favorite guest at any party... they may just call you. 8. Hang out backstage at the venue before the concert even starts - This isn't easy to pull off, and it's not strictly legal... but if nobody catches you before everyone goes backstage, they're not going to notice you in the middle of the backstage party. Cons: You'll miss the concert, and if caught you'll get thrown out. 9. Hang out at the band's hotel before the concert, in the hotel bar and chat them up. - This requires them to show up the day before (in which case, hang out there all evening), or for them to want a drink before leaving for the show. This requires guts and friendliness. 10. Be the opening act. Smaller bands that don't have the resources to take a tag-along on tour will often rely on the venue to pick a local band to open for them. Even some big-money bands like to play with the local guys rather than having a touring partner. Be a member of a local band (or their equipment crew) that plays tunes which would compliment the main act and hope for the best!

That's the spirit! 12. "Accidentally" step in front of the tour bus while they're moving at low speeds.