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How do you get comments removed? Answered

Sometimes someone just wants to sell their website on your instructable and it may have nothing to do with what you have made, there is no delete button, only feature comment flag or flag and I'm not sure what either does.


click on flag then chose: inappropriate,spam,or not nice...the staff will try to remove the comment asap!

Thanks for that, I did what you said - I wish a message would flash up to say it's being attended to or something.

Click the "flag" text within the comment. Then when the options open, click on "spam" (which is simply someone trying to sell something on your page). The staff will review the flag and remove it asap.

Darn people huh?

That's fine. Click only on the text that says "Flag" (within the comment). Then a set of options will (or should) open up. You may choose from "inappropriate", "spam" or "not nice"... In this case you'll want to click on "spam". Once you do that a message will go to Instructables staff who will review the "flag" and decide if it needs to be removed. Make sense?

Yes it does and it's done and dusted, now to wait for the Bermuda Triangle thing to happen! Thanks!