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How do you get over your ex-(girlfriend)? Answered


I usually spend a lot of time with my friends Jack Daniels, Ole Grandad and Pepe Lopez. I dont recomend that for everyone but its better than sitting at home brooding. And remember, set it free. If it doesnt come back to you, hunt it down and mount it on the wall. Seriously, find somthing to do other than thinking about it all the time, take up extreme accounting, learn something new (spanish, guitar, electronics, tax law etc), start an exercise routine, become a pool shark, volunteer, work a part time job and save the money to buy something youve always wanted ('59 Gibson Les Paul, ). Just dont sit around and suffer. You will live. Sadly ive found that no matter how close your friends are, they get tired of hearing about it real quick. You will be a much stronger and wiser person after a while. Use the anger/sadness/frustration as fuel to do something positive with your life. The most important person in your life is you, besides, who else is going to take care of you? Dont dwell on what could have been, there are 4 billion people out there waiting to put you down, so dont do it yourself. She may have been your kryptonite but your still freakin' Superman right? Her loss, not yours. Find a positive thought and repeat it to yoursef whenever you feel down. Dont trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesnt die. This sounds corny as can be but "today is the first day of the rest of your life". Say that outloud and think about the meaning of every word. The future is yours and you can either watch it go by like a mindless ameoba or grab it and wrestle it until it bows to your command! PS I never liked her anyway.

I had the same problem. It was really quite easy! She broke up with me and I couldn't get over her so I just got another one and looked at the upsides to the new one and downsides to the old one.

Blow something up (NOT HER! OR HER HOUSE OR FAMILY) and look for someone else......i do believe there are more females in this world than males....so there are plenty of fish in the sea for you.....

i burned all of her left shoes and gave her back the right ones

Time, and the realisation that you never will.

Not entirely.

You need to get involved with something that you are passionate about, that will focus your attention towards something productive that you can feel good about, instead of spending your energy thinking about your ex.


9 years ago

Consume their heart. Or if unavailable a pig's heart will do in a bind. They substitute the two in surgery all the time.