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How do you get patches to send to others? Answered

I got 20 odd patches to give away at some time, but I dont know how they got there, or how to get more, or even if they a rare and prized or just common and everyone has them. I don't want to horde them, Ive given away 5 for awesome instructables.
Ive also noticed that my profile has 10 patches, but I count 12 or is that 8 (see the photo)
Can someone enlighten me and I'll send you a patch, but be-warned, Im easily confused



Best Answer 5 years ago

Pro members get patches to send to others as part of the extras for being a pro. Every time your membership renews, rolls over, or you pay for another year you get another batch of them. I can't remember how many they give you, 4,5,6, something like that.
Some members send out lots of them, some members kinda hoard them waiting for a good reason to give them out. They work good for encouraging members for their work. I think they should give a patch out to every new member who publishes their first instructable. I think if they did that you would see a lot more of them being given and received as new people would get the idea to use them.
By the way, you can give yourself a patch just like you can become your own follower. And you can put your own picture on the ones you send so you can make them pretty unique.

Today my Periodic Table Magnet Instructable was featured and I received 3 patches to give away. I was not sure how it worked either but I guess I'll search for and Instructable I like and give 1 away :)

I think that 8/10/12 discrepancy is actually a bug.

You get patches each time you add a pro code to your account. I can't remember the number.

I gave Robot a cookie to bribe him to give me more for using for Achievibles. Hence why you've got 6 patches from me and I've sent 500+ total :p