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How do you get people to like you ? Answered

having trouble with my friends


be nice to people..... and don't go changin yourself to make them like you.  they should accept u for how u are not how they want u to be and if they don't they're not ur friends.... i personally hate fake people anyways 

be yourself and hope for the best

you dont. only certain people will like you. you really cant change who you are. if your friends dont like you then u need some new friends. sorry man :(


8 years ago

These type of questions always bring a lump to my throat.

It is so hard being younger;-things affect you so badly.

Remember this, if you have treated your friends well, and they are being unkind to you, then they are not really friends. They are not the kind of folks you should have as friends.

Don't ever feel that you should let anyone treat you badly, rather than being alone. Once you devalue yourself, others will do it as well.

This is a kind of personal storm that you have to learn to ride out. It will pass I promise you. But it is hurtful when you are in it.

Good friends are the friends that are good! They will come into your life. Keep your own personal dignity if you see what I mean, and don't react unkindly to this situation. If they are friends, they will return to being your friend if you are not nasty to them.

If the do not,-then they were never friends in the first place and you really don't need them in your life.

My very best wishes, and good luck!

Sometimes people don't want to be friends, it's more fun to them to cause trouble.
When you realize this and learn to pick your friends and eliminate those who aren't really friends you are better off.


8 years ago

what kind of trouble? did anything specific happen?

Well they are just being a bit mean and i just want to sort it so we can be friends again

Just talk to them.

Be honest about how they're making you feel, tell them you want to be friends, but you can't until the way they treat you changes.

If it's hard to say face-to-face, write them a letter.

be yourself and be honest.

Listen to them. Respect them. Help them when they ask for help; don't crowd them when they don't.