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How do you get rid of Iowan Mice? Answered

They eat decon like candy and still run wild like they own my Trailer! We destroyed their nests in the storage room. Sticky glue traps work but get expensive since you can't really catch more than one unless they cross that spot at the same time. These mice are running wild like they own my house! what do I do?



Use humane traps and take them across a river or highway to release them. This is the advice that the super smart Canida gave me for my Iowa mice a year ago and it did the trick. Mine loved traps baited with peanut butter or tostito chips. You convince them to move away and you can re-use the traps. Check for holes in the wall that they're getting in through and close those over, too.

Ok, but what humaine traps work? We have found two finally dead from the decon... I am trying to convince my husband to get a cat. but a declawed one so he or she can just scare them out.

We have some small, translucent grey plastic traps that worked great. Mice have bad eyesight and are more likely to run along walls with their whiskers in contact with the wall, so keep that in mind when placing the traps. If they're pushed up against a wall they're much more likely to catch something. We have two cats and the only thing they ever did was tell us when there was a mouse in a trap. Occasionally they told us where to put a trap. They never caught anything themselves (although they have no problem with rabbits and birds outside, even declawed and on leashes.) We did let the cats bat the mice in traps around a bit to increase the terror value before taking them away, but I can't say whether that helped (although I'm sure the cats believed it helped ;-) I didn't buy the traps myself but it's safe to assume they came from wal-mart or a home improvement store. Once we trapped and removed all of them they never came back.